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Chateau St. Jean Gewurztraminer 750ml

Floral notes fill the nose. Citrus and melon flavors are up front, but no lychee or grapefruit characteristic of the grape. Light acidity and 1.77% residual sugar finishes out the wine.

Price : US$13.49

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Fetzer Gewurztraminer Echo 750ml

The wine is deep golden straw colored, with a nose of dried apricot, spicy peach, a touch of rose petal and honeysuckle. In the mouth, crisp green apple, honeyed apricot, and peach flavors meld with the traditional spicy flavors of Gewürztraminer.

Price : US$9.99

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Firestone Gewurztraminer Estate 750ml

This Firestone Gewurz just bursts with bright fruit flavors of pear, quince, grapefruit and orange blossom; if that’s not enough, nectarine and peach skin along with nutmeg and brown baking spices also make an appearance, all integrated into one big beautiful package.

Price : US$11.49

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South Coast Gewurztraminer TV 750ml

Lightly sweet, solidacidity, and exotic floral scents of rose and lychee fruit.

Price : US$13.69

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Thornton Gewurztraminer 750ml

Its aromatic flavours make Gewürztraminer one of the few wines that are suitable for drinking with Asian cuisine.  It goes well with Hirtenkäse,Münster cheese, and fleshy, fatty (oily) wild game. Smoked salmon, is a particularly good match.

Price : US$19.09

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Van Roekel Gewurztraminer 750ml

Gewurztraminer pairs well with rich, fatty dishes like pork and goose, as well as with ripe cherries. Semi-dry and sweet versions will go especially well with Alsatian munster cheese. It also works well with otherwise hard-to-pair spicy cuisines like Indian and Chinese food, thanks to its strongly aromatic flavor.

Price : US$7.99